Equality in Co-operation

Professional Partnerships


Autistic Association builds co-operative working relationships. We value our professional partners. Organisations which demonstrate commitment to Modernising practice in Autism Services provision.


National Coverage

Autism Network 


The Autism Network is a collective of independent professionals. They build a team from their core members and partners to exactly suit your requirements. This flexible approach enables them to keep your costs low while providing a tailored range of expertise. 

National Coverage

L-Mac Consultancy


Neurodiversity best practice provider. Bespoke packages for training events & workshop facilitation. Remote or in person 1:1 & group sessions for employers & employees. Research projects planned and undertaken. Strategy and policy consultation carried out.

national remote delivery of service



Forums and Focus groups.

Specialists in consultation with the neurodivergent population. When your project requires an element of “autistic lead” or endorsement of Autistic identity we have the membership to assemble a team for your requirements.


 Free Confidential Guidance Consultation “complex ” issues

 Partnerships .

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