Thanks for this Julian,

I do agree that we need to push on with this and with a new year starting, new ideas for progress are welcome. I’m happy to go along with your idea as it’s a template to build and grow from. Looking forward to the meeting on the 9th.

On Thu, 6 Jan 2022 at 13:22, Jules <julian> wrote:

Best Wishes to everyone in this New Year of 2022

Spectrum voices has successfully ended 2021 intact

Without the support and work of Lynsey Stewart and Richard Ibbotson it would not have.

We all know that very few of the Autism establishment manage to hear autistic voices.

We recognise the value these two professionals bring to the autistic community.

Both of them are committed to a change in the way autistic people are represented and wish to increase the extent to which autistic people represent themselves.

We are grateful for their progressive attitudes which differentiate them from many other autism professionals.

Its put up, or shut up, time in 2022.

Personally I want to be part of the put up.

There are plenty of people who want us to shut up.

In order to continue the forum I wish to offer my commitment of time continuously throughout the coming year.

With the members agreement; I propose to ensure that the Spectrum voices project, continues the work of its Autistic and professional facilitator founders.

I feel that if we wish to be heard as autistic people we have our own part to play. We should continue to make our words available for when there is an ear to listen.

An ordinary life followed by an ordinary life too have been valuable and the project I propose is informed by that completed work.

In order to retain the possibility of our views being available to be heard we need to continue to express them and record them.

The minimum number of Autistic Voices Forum meetings to justify it as a continuously operating group is four per year or quarterly.

The forum meetings are usually organised by our Professional partners and I am sure than they will continue to do so.

Whenever they are unable to commit to a meeting one of us will arrange one. Retaining continuity has value wnen in the future we are assessed by external bodies so we should hold on to it.

Four meetings of a mixed Autistic and non autistic group per year will not inspire many to join us.

We need more activity.

Spectrum Voices Forum – is a mixed group

Spectrum Voices Conversation – is the new autistic only associated space.

The conversations we have in an authentic autisic manner in, Spectrum Voices Conversations, will inform the main Spectrum Voices Forum meetings.

I need as an autistic person the shared experience of other Autistic people.

My friends and family may be autistic mainly but they are not enough. I need some extra different views.

I especially need ones I dont yet know I agree with!

We all benefit from sharing our experience and knowledge.

I invite any autistic person to join me and a small group of autistic people whenever it feels right.

We meet online every week without fail.

Spectrum Voices Forum can be challenging in its format for us as autistics

Spectrum Voices Conversation is an autistic only safe space.

Its possible to take part by quietly listening to others.

Its possible to take part by sending some text.

Its possible to take part by using our voices without being hurried.

The Spectrum Voices conversation will feed its ideas and content into the Autistic Voices Forum but not exclusively.

It will also put express the ideas of Autistic people more widely to the Autism professionals. We have already prepared a number of new initiatives.

Initiatives that will get their attention. Initiatives that are fully funded and planned. Initiatives that are Autistically authentic.

When me meet please allow me to share our work in more detail.

You may decide to contribute in some way or simply enjoy the chat.

Happy New Year Mr Ibbotson

Happy New Year Ms Stewart

Happy New Year To our autistic selves.


Next Meeting by skype

Sunday 9th January 2022 7PM to 8PM

and then every Sunday in 2022

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