Successful Meeting Tuesday June 28th

Authentic Autistic Communication
Meeting Summary

Ewelina joins us for an informative hour

The Spectrum Voices Forum took a bold step into a new phase of engagement.

In some ways yesterday was the first meeting where “autistically led” became genuinely autistic.

We are thankful for Ewelina joining us and giving her advice and experience.

We discussed our plans and took advice about consent for data use.

We have received offers of help including the possibility of Ewelina networking on our behalf.

Some of Ewelina’s ideas will be more useful at a later stage of our development and it is comforting to know those offers are there.

Our next meetings includes Lynsey on July 12th and Richard on July 19th.

It feels to me that those meetings will be equally beneficial and constructive.

Both of these professionals are known for a progressive attitude towards engagement with Autistic folk.

Our group has successfully negotiated its metamorphosis so far.

All of us feel positive about the current direction. Every member is making their voice hearable.


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